Tuition and Related fees

Fee list from September 1st 2015 (person/academic year) (Unit:Yuan)

Chinese Training Program

Application fee(New student only)

14000/academic year
Degree Program
Application fee(New student only) 600
Bachelor (conducted in Chinese) 16000/academic year
Bachelor (conducted in English) 20000/academic year
Master (conducted in Chinese) 20000/academic year
Master (conducted in English) 25000/academic year
MBA(Master (conducted in Chinese) 25000/academic year
Doctor (conducted in Chinese) 25000/academic year
Doctor (conducted in English) 30000/academic year

Tuition forthe deferment period of study

80% of the noemal tuition
Other fees
Text book     Actual price
Insurance     RMB400/person/6 months


(For Part- Time Studying students, you are not able to apply the student visa.)


Boxue#2 ,Guanghua Campus 2400/3 momths

Shensiyuan #A, Liuiin Campus

1500/3 momths
Deposit 1000

Accommodation period of

summerand wintervacation

RMB 800 or 500

Per month

(different room rate)


30 kwh free each month,any extra usage

 charged at market price

Period of Insurance Coverage: March 1 to September 1 for Spring Semester, September 1 to March 1 for Fall Semester.

Minimum charge is 300.

All fees listed above are in RMB and are subject to change.

All students, either self-funded or on a scholarship, must pay all necessary

fees (or complete the Funding-Confirmation Procedure) at the Internal&

Financial Affairs Office, within 5 working days from his/her registration day

(for fresh students) or CIE' s Orientation Day (for current students) at SWUFE.

From the 6th working day on, a student will also have to pay an additional

late penalty of 10% for due fees. A student will be regarded as aborting&

quitting study if he/she still has due fees after 15 working days, and partly-

paid fees (if any) will not be refunded.

Tuition is charged on a semester' s or a yearly basis.

Room fee is charged by at least 3-month each time. Room fee in summer and 

winter vacation is charged by actual period of stay. Room   fee is non-refundable.

Besides the room fee and deposit, students should pay all other related fees

such as the electricity bill on time.

Any student who applies for withdrawing from SWUFE within 2 weeks of a

semester beginning (the semester' s first day of class) will get a full refund of

tuition, while a withdrawal fee of RMB 600 will be charged. Tuition will not

be refunded after 2 weeks of a semester beginning

If a student changes rooms from a higher-priced dormitory to a lower-priced

dormitory, a partial refund of the room fee will not be given. On the contrary,

he/she will need to pay the difference on a semester' s basis

Students are obliged to confirm that the textbooks he/she

purchased are correct and in good condition. All textbooks are

non一returnable and cannot be exchanged once sold.

The insurance appointed by SWUFE is compulsory for any student

regardless of previous purchase of other insurance or not.

Students will not be issued any documents of anyform (including

Student ID, Visa Application Documents, Certificate, Transcript,

etc) by SWUFE if he/she still has any unpaid fees due (including

tuition, application fee, room fee, room deposit, electricity bill,

insurance, etc.).

If a student' s violation of related laws, regulations or rules leads

to visa cancelation or expulsion from SWUFE, he/she will not be

refunded any paid fees. If it leads to expulsion from the

dormitory, he/she will not be refunded the room fee, deposit or

electricity fee.

For students with all kinds of scholarships or money receiving

(such as monthly allowance for Chinese Government Scholarship

students), each kind of monthly money will be given around 15th

of that month. Students have to first complete the confirming

procedures such as signing within 22nd to 26th of the previous

month, otherwise the money receiving will be delayed. On special

occasions such as financial system failure in banks, the money

receiving may also be delayed.