Campus Life and Services

Transportation System of Chengdu


    Chengdu has well developed public transportation system. With bus, metro, taxi or Uber/Didi you will have easy access to any destination.

    Bus ticket is RMB 2/ride. Money change unavailable on board so small money is necessary. 

    Taxi fee starts from RMB 8-9 with an additional RMB 1.9/km. This fee may rise at night hours or long distance ride. At different hours, getting to SWUFE Guanghua Campus from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport by taxi may cost around RMB 60-100. Please pay attention to choose authentic taxi at any time (number plate start with “川A T” and with a TAXI roof beacon) and use the price meter instead of negotiating prices with the driver.

Chengdu Metro Line 1 & 2 are operating now. Line 4 will be put into use by the end of 2015 and more Metro lines are currently under construction. SWUFE Guanghua Campus are next to two stations of Metro Line 4 while Liulin Campus will also be right on future Line 4 Stretched Line. Metro ticket starts from RMB 2. 

    Uber, Didi and similar cars are operating in Chengdu. International students may download APP on your mobile devices and call for those cars. Please note this is not officially recommended by SWUFE and we are not responsible for any consequences.