The holiday schedule of the 2021 Qingming Festival


The holiday schedule of the 2021 Qingming Festival is as follows:

The holiday of Qingming Festival (Tomb-Sweeping Day): from April 3rd (Saturday) to 5th (Monday), 2021. Classes will resume on April 6th (Tuesday).


1. We strongly suggest you stay in Chengdu and avoid trans-cities mobility unless there's an emergency or very special reasons. If you have to leave Chengdu for any particular case, please report to us in advance.

2. Work with us by completing your daily report timely and accurately.

3. Strengthen personal protection. Always wear a face mask in public venues and keep your hands clean. Stay away from crowded places and keep your social distance.

4. Abide by the laws and local regulations. Follow the guidelines of local government to carry out the epidemic prevention and control measures.

5. Pay attention to personal safety. No excessive drinking. Follow the traffic regulations and instructions.

6. Please be cautious of fire, theft, and electricity. Students staying in the dormitory rooms shall comply with university dormitory regulations.

7. If there’s an emergency, please call our on-duty office: 028-87355437, or contact our teachers.


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