SWUFE International Students Participated in Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Spring-Outing Activity


On March 21st, SWUFE international students were invited to participate in Chengdu Tianfu Greenway Spring-Outing Activity which held by Chengdu Government and Chengdu TV. This is the biggest spring-outing activity for Chengdu people in recent years. The spring outing is themed by“Tianfu Greenway”, showing strength and superiority of Chengdu in humanity history, the orientation of functions, industrial development and talent introduction, unfolding the outstanding practice in the ecological development of green Chengdu.

In this activity, our international students appreciated beautiful scene of spring and took a walking which led by Olympic Gold Medal Winner Wang Liping. Everyone experienced walking on the brand new greenway in Tianfu New Area and saw the rapid development of Chengdu. Some students were interviewed by Chengdu TV, thanking the opportunity to study in SWUFE while expressing their love for Chengdu and future plans of having a career here.

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