SWUFE International Students Participated in “Guanghua Cup” Basketball Game for the first time


In March, 2018, SWUFE international students, on behalf of College of International Education, participated in “Guanghua Cup” Basketball Game for the first time. CIE basketball team consisted of 12 players from 11 countries. Embodying the sport spirit of “friendship first, competition second”, our international students displayed splendidly and gave their play to the best level on the court. After four days of heated games, our basketball team won two and lost two. Even though they didn’t get to the final eight at last, their spirits of never giving up impressed everyone.

There are a lot more to sport competition than the idea of wining and losing, such as sport spirit and team spirit. We believed every player gained a lot after the hardships. The loss was a victorious defeat. All participants played hard and fairly. Their enthusiasm, cooperation and striving expressed the sportsmanship perfectly, which enhanced the communication and integration between Chinese and international students, as well as composing a new chapter for SWUFE basketball game. We look forward to better performance next year!

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