A Review of HSK Program(Session II)Opening Ceremony


On June 12th 2021, the HSK Experiencing China's Leading Universities Program's(Session II)opening ceremony was held online. Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd and Japan Youth Development Association co-hosted this program in which all classes and activities are organized by the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(SWUFE).

Distinguished guests of this event included Liu Xiaolong, Director of Marketing and Operations of Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd, Honda Keizo, Director of the Japan Youth Development Association, SWUFE representatives Wang Xin, Vice Dean of College of International Education(CIE), program coordinators from both Chinese and Japanese sides, lecturers and student assistants from SWUFE and all Japanese students also attended the opening ceremony.

On behalf of Chinese Testing International Co.,Ltd, Director of Marketing and Operations, Liu Xiaolong thanked all colleagues from SWUFE, Japan Youth Development Association, and Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd for their strong support and hard work. Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd will provide Chinese learners with more high-quality, diversified, and personalized Chinese learning services through HSK test services.

This time, as a world-class university with distinctive financial characteristics, SWUFE will undertake a renewed HSK Experiencing China's Leading Universities Program(Session II). Hopefully, everyone would gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture,and feels Chengdu’s scenery while concentrating on Chinese learning. In the face of a common difficulty caused by COVID-19, everyone would further carry forward the traditional friendship between China and Japan that is only separated by a single strip of water.

Honda Keizo, Director of the Japan Youth Development Association, expressed his respect to Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd for its enthusiasm in education, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the teachers of SWUFE for their wholeheartedness and conscientiousness. Honda especially pointed out that although the series of HSK Experiencing China's Leading Universities Program has been held for seven times, it’s unprecedented for the same school to hold two consecutive sessions.

The participants of Session II are introduced mainly by the students of the previous session because of SWUFE's professionalism, carefulness, conscientiousness, and providing all participants with a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Honda hopes that online learning caused by COVID-19 would bring new opportunities for transnational education and cultural exchanges, so that studying abroad is no longer out of reach.

Vice Dean Wang Xin expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Chinese Testing International Co., Ltd and Japan Youth Development Association.Wang pointed out in his speech, as a university that enjoyed almost 100 years of development and a good reputation at home and abroad, SWUFE had accumulated rich experience in the long-term cultivation of international students and the practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Wang wished the students could improve their Chinese level, experience Chinese culture, improve their HSK scores, achieve success in their studies, gain happiness as well as friendship through well-prepared communication and learning in the cloud.

In the opening ceremony, the teacher representative explained the curriculum and completion regulations. The Japanese student representatives of Session I of this program shared their learning experiences and insights of studying in SWUFE. Afterwards, the participants watched the video of Highlights of HSK Experiencing China's Leading Universities Program (Session I) as a beginning of their 4-week HSK intensive learning and training and cultural experience.

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