English / Admission / Exchange Programs

 Dear incoming students:
Please note that from time to time, we will notify your home university’s coordinator for any matter related to students. Please keep in touch with her/him for updated information.
Before your departure, please make sure read through the factsheet that you may download at our website. If you are incoming students of other schools of SWUFE, please consult with the Program Coordinators at your respective schools for details.
Student can visit the online application website at http://admission.swufe.edu.cn  or visit CIE website at http://international.swufe.edu.cn  for application.
1.     Important Note
A.     CIE from time to time will notify home university’s coordinator for any matter related to students. Please keep in touch with program coordinator in your home university.
B.     The regulation for international students in SWUFE is provided in the online application system.
2.     Eligibility to Apply
A.     Registered as an active student in home university;
B.     Have completed at least ONE academic year of study in home university;
C.    Official Nomination Letter from the home university is required to be emailed to admission@swufe.edu.cn (an official coordinator’s full name and email address is required in the letter);
D.    Have good academic standing with GPA based on the mutual agreement with home university;
E.     Have good command of English in speaking and writing (Note: English requirement is listed on the mutual agreement with home university).
3.     Important Documents for online application
A.     Recent Passport Size Photograph (unaltered by computer software)
B.     Copy of First Page of Passport
C.     Latest Academic Result/Transcript certified by home university
D.     English language Examination Result certified by home university if needed
 It is the student responsibility to make sure the online form is filled up accordingly. Please note that an incomplete application will not be processed and is considered unsuccessful.
For more information, please visit our website at http://international.swufe.edu.cn or email the following personnel:
Mr. ZHANG Zhaohui
Officer in charge of Admission
Email: zhangzh@swufe.edu.cn
Officer in charge of Admission
Email: zhangx1008@swufe.edu.cn
Ms. ZHANG Xinyun
Officer in charge of Dormitory Reservation and Airport Pickup
Email: zhangxinyun@swufe.edu.cn
Ms. JIN Luer
Officer in charge of Visa Application
Email: jle0023@swufe.edu.cn
Thank you.
College of International Education
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics