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Tuition and Related fees

Fee list from September 1st 2015 (person/academic year) (Unit:Yuan)


Chinese Training Program

Application fee(New student only)
Tuition 14000
Degree Program
Application fee(New student only) 400
Bachelor (conducted in Chinese) 16000
Bachelor (conducted in English) 20000
Master (conducted in Chinese) 20000
Master (conducted in English) 25000
MBA(Master (conducted in Chinese) 25000
Doctor (conducted in Chinese) 25000
 Doctor (conducted in English) 30000
Customized Chinese Learning Program
One to one   RMB150/Class
By week    RMB450/Week
By day      RMB90/Day
Other fees
Text book Actual price
Insurance RMB300/person/6 months
Visa fee period of visa<364days, RMB400; period of visa>364days, RMB800.
(For Part- Time Studying students, you are not able to apply the student visa.)

Fee list from September 1st 2015 (person/month) (Unit:Yuan)

Boxue#2  (New room) 800
Boxue#2   (Old room) 500
Deposit 1000
15-Day temporary stay(New room) 500
15-Day temporary stay(Old room) 300
Electricity /30kwh free each month,extra usage charged is RMB0.4/kwh
Regulations of tuition payment:
1、 All students, either self-funded or on a scholarship, must pay all necessary fees (or complete the Funding-Confirmation Procedure) at The Internal & Financial Affairs Office, within 5 working days from your registration day at SWUFE. A registration paper issued by The Admissions Office (applicable to new students only) and a passport will be needed.
From the 6th working day on, a student will also have to pay a penalty for unpaid fees that are late. The penalty will be 5% of the total unpaid fees due if the overdue period is within 15 days, or 15% if the overdue period is more than 15 days.
2、 Tuition for degree programs must be paid on a yearly basis. Tuition for non-degree programs may be paid on a semester or a yearly basis.
Regulations of accommodation payment:
1、 / Dormitory fees can be paid on a semester basis. For the fall semester, the earliest check-in day is August 20 and the latest check-out day is January 19 of the following year. For the spring semester the earliest check-in day is February 20 and the latest check-out day is July 19. This is called “The Accommodation Period” for each respective semester. During The Accommodation Period, students should pay their dormitory fees for a whole semester regardless of when exactly they check-in or check out.
2、 Temporary accommodation is available for new students during their first registration period at SWUFE. If a student’s application is approved, he/she can stay for a maximum of 15 days in the dormitory; however, no extension is possible. During these 15 days, students must pay the full amount of the “temporary stay room fee” no matter how many days he/she actually stays.
3、 January 20 to February 19 and July 20 to August 19 is called the “Interval Period” between fall/spring semesters. Current students, who need to continue to stay in the dorm during the interval period, should apply under the “Regulation on Dormitory and Accommodation for International Students, SWUFE” and pay all related fees before he/she can be approved to stay during the interval period.
4、 Besides the room fee and safety deposit, students must pay all other related fees such as the electricity bill on time.
Regulations of refund:
Original receipt must be returned for all refunds.
1、   Any student who withdraws from SWUFE within 2 weeks of a semester beginning (counted from the semester’s first day of class) will get a full refund of tuition, but a withdrawal fee of RMB 600 will be charged. After 2 weeks have been completed, tuition paid for the semester will not be refunded.
2、  Any student who checks out before the “Accommodation Period” finishes must complete all check-out  procedures first and then apply for a partial refund of the room fee at The Internal & Financial Office with the completed check-out form. Partial refunding of the room fee will be counted by months only (here 1 month equals 30 days) and will be rounded down. For example: 1 and a half month prior to the last day of “The Accommodation Period” will be regarded as 1 month. An extra fee of RMB 200 will also be charged.
3、   If a student changes rooms from a higher-priced dormitory to a low-priced dormitory, a partial refund of the room fee will not be given. On the contrary, he/she will need to pay the difference on a semester’s basis.
4、  Students are obliged to confirm that the textbooks he/she purchased are correct and in good condition. All textbooks are non-returnable and cannot be exchanged once sold.
Regulations of insurance:
Student insurance is 300RMB each person for 6 months (student group insurance).It is available to purchase from September 1st to September 30th or from March 1st to March 31st.