Cheers !Our warriors won in the second game of “Guanghua Cup”

date:2016-04-20 click:

At 12:20 on April 20, the second match of  “Guanghua cup” football game—College of International Education VS College of Economics carried out on Chenxi playground. Although we were to be melted in this hot day and the players were all sweating , the good news that  we won again by 7:0 was like summer breeze.

At the start of the game, our players dressed in blue shirts went on the field with the enthusiasm of the audience , high spirited. College of Economics were 4 goals behind at the interval and we successfully achieved significant advantages .  Our players continued to fight without arrogance and impetuosity. In the whole game, player no.99 Henry scoring 3 goals, player no.51 Matthieu 2 goals. Besides, player no. 15 David and no.11 Hafis each scored one goal. In the end ,we gained the final victory!



The time of the next match is 12:20 on April 25. We will fight with the College of Insurance, the defending champion on Zhaohui playground.

Let’s cheer for our warriors continuously, hoping that they can ride the big ship of 
friendship sailing to the ultimate success!