Congratulations!Our warriors gain the third Match Victory CIE team has qualified for the next round.

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At12:20 on April 25, the third match of “Guanghua cup” football game—College ofInternational Education VS College of Insurance carried out on Zhaohui playground. Facing the challenges of the
champion last year, our players continued to fight hard. With the enthusiasm of the audience , Our players became more brave and scored goals constantly.In the end, we got the score of 6:0and won the game perfectly!

 In the whole game, player no.27 Martin scored 2,player no.13 Leilie, player no. 51 Matthieu and no.21 Karim, player no.99 Henryeach scored one goal.



The time of the next match is 12:20 on April 27. We will fight with the College of Business Administration on Zhaohui playground .

Let’scheer for our warriors continuously!