Our college win the championship of 2016 "Guanghua Cup" football match

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At 16:30 on May 10,the final match of “Guanghua cup” football game—College of International Education VS Schoolof Business Administration carried out on Chenxi playground. We have encountered them in the fourth match.The two football teams are well-matchedthus the game was meant to be a real cliff hanger.

At the start of the game, with perfect cooperationour team captain——Haqgot the first scoremaking us closer to the victory. The second half was very fierce, and our players were blocked outside the box by SBA players’ heavy defense.

The crowd roared, and cheerleaders  gathered all their strength to support the team. Henry's  goal broke the situation and championship was just around the corner. With two-point advantage already, Haq scored the final ball of the "Guanghua Cup" and finally, we ended  the 2016 "Guanghua  Cup" football match with the glory of championship .

Thisfootball match highlights the strength of our football team, increasing thecohesion of our team and even the whole college. Let’s CHEER for our champion! 

Congratulations——ISSAwon the best goalkeeper, and Henry won the best striker and best player.