English drama competition of SWUFE is coming

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Started in 2002, the English festival has been held for 12 times,serving as a platform where students learn English and develop the interest ofstudy. And the English drama competition of SWUFE, which will be referredbelow, is one important part of the English festival. So we invite your collegeto take part in the 13th English festival’s English dramacompetition. For the reason that all the students who take part in this competition are not English native speaker, so we sincerely hope that you couldeither take part in this competition as an exhibition match, or attend this competition with a team in which there are no English native speaker. The rules concerning this competition are as bellows.


1. Drama theme

Thedrama’s theme should be novel, positive and distinctive, eulogizing the spiritof the times, not touching on sensitive issues for politics. The originalscripts is welcomed.

2. Specificrequirements of the drama

1)The works have a certain completeness with artistic expression and appeal.

2)The performance will be natural, with strong expressive force, appropriatecostumes and props, organic combination of Ideological and educationalperformance.

3)Pay attention to the use of the English language in the course of theperformance of the (exact words, standard pronunciation and intonation etc.)

4)The art forms such as song and dance are encouraged to be added up to the dramaperformance, but no longer than 5 minutes. If the performance is overtime,there will be appropriate reduced points.

5)If the team’s performance are overtime, the adjudicators will make deduction bythe score rules.

3. Time Restrictions

1)The minimum time permitted for every production is 15 minutes, the utmost timepermitted for every production is 20 minutes.

2)Beyond the time limit the points will be deducted according to the followingrules.

A) Thetiming begins from the first actors steps into the performance area (if theteam starts from videos, the timing begins when the video begins), to the endof all the performers bow.

B) Dueto human error of timing may exist, this contest allows each college errorexists in 5 seconds.

C) Whentime is between 20minutes to 25 minutes, 05 seconds (including 20 minutes 05seconds) there will not have deductions, but from 20 minutes 06 seconds, therewill be a deduction of the final score.

D) From the 20minutes 06 seconds, overtime every 20 seconds there will be a point’sdeduction, and there are five points deduction at most.

4. Scoring Rules

Thetheme: the distinctive theme, rich features, with healthy and positive content(10 points)

Theperformance: vivid, infectious (30 points)

Language:the standard pronunciation, fluency (30 points)

Theplot: plot coherence tight rhythm (10 points)

Thesoundtrack and background: bring out the best in each other of the short drama(10 points)

Thecostumes and props: bring out the best in each other of the short drama (10points)

Totalscore: 100 points


Thecontest is divided into two parts.

Eachparts will produce the first prize, the second prize and the third prize. Thereare also the best actor prize, the best script prize and the best theatricsprize for each part.

6. Final Competition

Time:November 29th (Sunday)

Location: 800Hall of the student activity center in Liulin Campus

Contact: Mr.Luo at 28111144@qq.com for application


We sincerely invite the international students in SWUFEto join us! Looking forward to your decision.