Government Scholarship for International Students of Chengdu Sister Cities 2016 Fall Award List

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On the basis of principles - openness, fairness, impartiality and choosing the best, 2016 Fall Semester Award list of Government Scholarship for International Students from Chengdu Sister Cities has been evaluated and finalized. A leading team for the Scholarship evaluation (hereinafter referred to as the evaluation team), consisting of personnel from Chengdu Education Bureau, Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office and Chengdu Finance Bureau, is established to review and monitor the application and usage of the scholarship.
SWUFE conducted initial evaluation on the applicants and submitted the initial list to Chengdu Education Bureau, Chengdu Education Center for International Exchanges and Chengdu Foreign Affairs Service Center respectively for re-checking. The evaluation team conducted the final review on the initial list and re-checked results and finalized the award list.
The award list is published as below. If you dispute this list, you may contact Ms ZHANG Xi via 028-87355437 before 17:00 December 7th, 2016.
College of International Education
Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Dec 2nd, 2016