Twin giant pandas born in Sichuan

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CHENGDU - A giant panda gave birth to twins, a male and a female, in Southwest China's Sichuan province on Monday, four days after another such pigeon pair were born at the same breeding center.

A female adult named Ji Li gave birth to a male cub weighing 186 grams at 6:41 pm and a female cub weighing 68.5 grams at 7:07 pm, said Wu Kongju, an expert with the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Although Ji Li is a first-time mother, she did not show any panic. She clutched the male cub in her arms and comforted him. However, giant pandas are unable to hold two cubs at once, so Ji Li had to make a decision on which of her babies to mother. She chose the male.

In the wild, the female cub would be unlikely to survive in this scenario. But the research base can take good care of both cubs. Ji Li and her two cubs are now in good condition, according to the center.

A female panda called Xingya gave birth to the first pigeon pair this year on June 23 in Southwest China's Sichuan province, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding said.

Xingya gave birth to a male cub weighing 170 grams at 1:17 pm and a female cub weighing 161 grams at 1:30 pm.

Having given birth to twins in 2013, Xingya appeared to be at more ease in handling her new-born cubs this time. She managed to hold two cubs after they were born one after another.

A giant panda called Ya Li gave birth to twins on June 20 in Chengdu, the first twins this year anywhere in the world, according to the breeding base.

Ya Li delivered the first cub at 5:52 am and the second ten minutes later at the breeding base. The cubs, both female, weigh 144 grams and 113 grams.

The mother started to show reduced appetite on May 22 and became restless days later, before exhibiting prenatal behavior, said Yang Kuixing with the base.

Ya Li was born with her twin sister Wen Li in July 2009. She also has a younger sister and a younger brother.