SWUFE is a national "double first-class" university directly under the Ministry of Education. We have Over 24,000 students all over the world.

The College

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE) first recruited international students in 1996, and in 2001, it was listed as a key institution for cultivating foreign students by the Ministry of Education. In order to standardize and develop education for studying in China, SWUFE set up the College of International Education (CIE) in April 2004, as the centralized department to coordinate the work of international students and be responsible for the Chinese teaching of international students. In 2005, SWUFE recruited the first batch of international students in degree programs. In 2018, the school passed the quality certification of higher education for international students in China for the first time.

In recent years, the scale of international students in the school has been continuously expanded, the quality of training has been steadily improved, and social benefits have become prominent, forming a virtuous cycle system and sustainable development pattern in which international student talent training, discipline development, teacher construction and international exchanges get progress. The development of SWUFE’s education management for studying in China has been fully affirmed by the higher authorities. CIE, SWUFE has been rated as "Advanced Unit for the Management of Permanent Resident Overseas Personnel in Chengdu Foreign-related Colleges and Universities" for many years.

At present, CIE has recruited thousands of international students from hundreds of countries, such as the United States, France, Germany, the Philippines, Turkey, Australia, Mongolia, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Israel, Russia, Thailand, etc. to study Chinese and professional courses, and established and improved the Chinese-taught and English-taught training system for undergraduates, masters, and doctorates, and formed a multi-level foreign student training model covering language advanced students, Chinese and English courses. CIE has complete teaching and living facilities, excellent management and service experience, and excellent teaching staff. We are willing and able to provide high-quality education and services for overseas students.

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