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Brief Introduction


   The Chengdu Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters obtained approval from the NOCFL in July 2014 to be based at the Southwest University of Finance and Economics, with president Zhang Zongyi to assume responsibility as the inaugural Director. The Chengdu base was established for SWUFE to set up a national level platform for the teaching and promotion of Chinese as a second language.

   The purpose of establishing the Chengdu base is the establishment of an international platform for the promotion of Sichuanese Ba-Shu culture and to use the sharing of culture as a support to build a bridge for Western Chinese and foreign economic and cultural exchanges, in line with the "One belt, one road" philosophy of the Western Chinese regional development strategy, so that along with the process of economic development and cultural exchange the promotion of Chinese culture will better serve the local economy.

   The director, under the leadership of the Chengdu base's operational executive, is responsible for the operational model. The executive is made up of representation from the Confucius Institute, Sichuan Department of Education, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, and relevant experts. Project departments under the executive will execute strategy and be responsible for daily operations, project management, and carrying out the strategic decisions of the Executive Board. The base's Director post is held by the Southwest University of Finance and Economics president, the Dean of the College of International Education will hold the position of Executive Director.

   The Chengdu Base of Confucius Institute Headquarters will through giant panda culture, Taoism, poetry, business and cultural promotion be centered around the 'Tianfu' series of teaching materials. Based on Chengdu's best geographical and cultural features and relying on the power of Chengdu universities and related research at home and abroad, the establishment of this platform for overseas-oriented Chinese culture and Chinese business communications study will become a mutual support system for Chinese culture and business Chinese, mutually encouraging good development modes. The chapter is launched for the promotion of Western Chinese culture and business culture, establishment of a platform for Chinese language, cultural promotion, business culture training, teaching materials development, the Confucius Institute, the reserves of overseas Chinese teachers, and related work.

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