SWUFE has adhered to the fundamental educational objectives of establishing students' moral integrity and fostering talents who know China and have deep feelings about China.

Regular Class

Introduction to the course of Chinese language learning


(1)Introduction to the main course of Chinese language learning

Introduction to the course

Our college curriculum consistsperennially of General Chinese Language Course, Short Term Intensive Chinese Course, Intensive Chinese Course for Special Purpose and One-on-One Course in order to meet different learning requirement and pace. We have complete levels of Chinese classes for elementaryintermediated and advanced levels, including 8 rubrics and 10 levels. Our main courses include Intensive Chinese, Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing Courses, etc. Additionally there are some interesting optional courses as well. High quality course establishment, strict teaching management, emphasizing students’acquisition of grammar, and enhancing students’ four comprehensive skills in reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Chinese Rubrics Class Amount of Vocab HSK Level

A0 0 0
A 100 HSK 1
B 600 HSK 3
Upper Elementary C 1200 HSK 4
Intermediate D 2000 HSK 5
E 3000 HSK 5
Advanced F 4500 HSK 6
G 6000 HSK 6

Course Benefit:

We constructed complete levels of Chinese classes for elementary Chinese, intermediated Chinese and advanced Chinese level, including 8 rubrics and 10 levels, based on Government Standards of Chinese Language Level, in order to meet different demands of different levels of learners. The teaching system is comprehensive; it advances step by step. Teaching content promotes steadily, comprehensively and deeply. The students will be divided into different classes depending on their placement tests and the students who are on the same level will be divided into different classes by their learning styles and personalities.

There are 16 teaching weeks per semester. It has 20 periods every teaching week. This arrangement is suited to meet the needs of all level students. It allows the student to finish one learning stage, and also allows for continuous learning step by step.

   Short-term intensive class, intensive class for special purpose and One-on-One class correspond to students’requests. Schedule of teaching period, course flexibly and suitable textbooks are also modified according to students’ requests. This course strives to enhance students’ Chinese level efficiently and to the maximum.

The teaching depends on the“student-centered” model and communication skill training. The teaching method hinges on flexibility. Contents of teaching are various and practical. Teachers use role-plays and other interesting teaching techniques. Students often requestsimulated role-plays to speak, based on communication practice.

In order to let students deeply experience Chinese culture in real life, we conductseverallanguage field trips.
Main Course

Course Content

Intensive Chinese

Teaching Chinese pronunciation skills and rules; Chinese characters in reading and writing. Teaching Chinese words, grammar knowledge and usage. The students can grasp Chinese principal rules of grammar, help student proficiently use correctgrammatical and standard Chinese to communicate effectively.

Chinese Listening and Speaking

Students can improve their listening levels and communication skills by professional teaching method and various practice. Improve students’ listening skills, associative, inductive,summarization, and conclusionabilities;developtheir personal opinions or communication skills, form the cognitive habit of Chinesepre-thinking, and students can attempt to learn the appropriate way to communicate with locals.

Chinese Reading

Students can grasp skills of Chinese reading by professional teaching technique and improve their Chinese reading level. Train students to comprehend the main meaning of articles, and the ability to grasp main points of articles, then they can conclude the main points and order of articles by referencing title,key words, main sentences, etc. And the students will have acquired the ability to use Chinese dictionaries and grammars for reading, and enhance reading speed gradually.

Chinese Wiriting

Students acquire the ability to use standard Chinese words, sentence structures, punctuation marks and some rhetorical devices to write Chinese paragraphs and articles. Train students’ ability to use different forms of writing, and improve their writing expression gradually.

Chinese Rubrics Course Setting Classes/Week Course Content



12 classes/week
Chinese Pinyin(Chinese pronunciation system)
Chinese Characters
Vocabulary and Grammar

Listing and Speaking

8 classes/week
Improve Listening Skills
Practice Text, Role-Play Dialogue
Survival Oral Expression

Upper Elementary

Intensive Chinese

8 classes/week
Vocabulary and Grammar
Formal Chinese Expression

Listing and Speaking

8 classes/week
Listening Skills and Comprehension
Authentic Oral Expression in Paragraphs

Reading and Writing

4 classes/week
Expand vocabulary, train reading skills
Different types of writing style, improve writing skills.

Advanced level

Intensive Chinese

6~8 classes/week
Vocabulary and Grammar
Formal Chinese


4~6 classes/week
Authentic Oral Expression
Skilled Expression in Paragraphs

Audio-visual Chinese

4 classes/week
Provide audio visual materials,
Train audio-visual ability

Reading and Writing

4 classes/week
Improve reading skills
Different types of writing style, Improve writing skills.

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