SWUFE has adhered to the fundamental educational objectives of establishing students' moral integrity and fostering talents who know China and have deep feelings about China.

Summer program and Short-term program

(1) Summer program

There is a summer Chinese program for all levels in July. We will divide students into different levels according to both writing and oral test scores.

Class Study hour/week Textbook Intuition Fee
One-on-One 4 classes Experienced Chinese
Road to Success
Development Chinese
One-on-Two 8 classes 2400RMB
One-on-Three 10 classes 2400RMB
One-on-Four 12 classes 2400RMB
5 students or above 16 classes 2400RMB

(2)Special Program:
The special programs been hold since 2008 :

UF-Chengdu Summer Class A

UF-Chengdu Summer Class C

University of New Mexico Class

Summer Campus for US-SWUFE Class

International Business Summer Program

Summer Campus Russian

Summer Campus “Discover SWUFE”

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