SWUFE has adhered to the fundamental educational objectives of establishing students' moral integrity and fostering talents who know China and have deep feelings about China.

1 on 1 Tutoring

(1)Learning Goal
Give a chance to Chinese students and foreign students to communicate.
Improve communication and understanding for both Chinese and foreigners.
Help foreign students enhance their Chinese.
Language exchange custom can help know each other’s culture more.

Schedule time and place by the dialogue between Chinese volunteers and students.
At least once per week, more than one hour per session.
Strictly follow the schedule once both agreed, guarantee to meet every week.
Confirm the schedule before meeting in order to avoid wasting time.
Tell first if willing to cancel the meeting for any reason.

(3) Notice
Tutors request to use Mandarin most of time.
Use standard words and grammar.
Don’t use foreign language to explain Chinese. Let students get closer to Chinese thinking patterns.
Tutors are allowed to practice their foreign language with foreign students after Chinese tutoring.

Respect each other’s culture, tradition, customs and manners.
Avoid politics, military, religion and racism topics.
Foreign affairs are always matters.
Avoid missionary work, discrimination or political judgments of other countries.
Respect privacy. Forbidden to pay too much attention to foreign students’personal affairs.
Tutor at public place.

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