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Pre-Master’s Preparation Program of Finance and Management

Admission Information of SWUFE Pre-Master’s Preparation Program of Finance and Management (EN) for International Students (Online)

(The Chinese text of this article shall be deemed as the original. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of this article, the Chinese language version shall prevail.)

1.Brief Introduction

The Pre-Master’s Preparation Online Program is an English-Medium program, equipped with teachers from Research Institute of Economics and Management (RIEM) in SWUFE who have overseas academic background, so as to cultivate high-quality talents with systematic knowledge of economics and management, and can use modern economic analysis methods to study and solve practical problems.


As the COVID-19 epidemic outbreaks around the world, this online program takes the advantages of distance teaching method, and provides international students who plan to enroll Master’s program of Finance and Management (EN) with 8-weeks preparatory training courses.


With the accomplishment of preparatory study, international students who perform well at SWUFE and reach the graduation requirements of Pre-Master’s preparation program can be enrolled in the corresponding Master’s program in RIEM (self-paid) in the same year. SWUFE will NOT help applicants of online programs apply for (X) visa.



(1) It utilizes online teaching methods with both recording and live broadcasting.

*The recordings can be replayed any time before the program ends, thus solving the problems caused by time differences. The part of living broadcasting makes the interaction between teachers and students retained.

(2) It focuses on academic English and major-based knowledge, and is classified into two directions: Economics and Management.

(3) The teachers involved in this English-medium program all have overseas academic background.


3.Courses and Tuition

(1) Lectures period: 8 weeks

Examinations period: 1-2 weeks

(2) Tuition: RMB 10,000

* Students should pay tuition fees within 14 days after receiving the E-copy of admission letter, otherwise the admission will be waived. SWUFE Bank Account Information is stated in Attachment 1.

(3) Course Details

Module 1




Module 2

(Either One)

A: Economics & Finance

Probability and Statistics


B: Management

Contemporary Topics in

Business and Management

Applied Research in

Business and Management

*Additional Note:

The courses are classified into Module 1 (basic module) and Module 2 (professional module). Every student has to take Module 1, but can choose either Module 2-A (Economics & Finance) or Module 2-B (Management). Four subjects should be taken for students in total.


4. Eligibility

(1) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, with the age of 18 to 39;

(2) Applicants must be in good health, without any record of violation of laws and disciplines;

(3) Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree before September 1st in the current year;

(4) Applicants should take English Language test organized by Admission team, SWUFE.

(5) Applicants should take interview organized by RIEM.


5.Study Period

Lecture period: May to June.

*The exact date will be stated in Admission Letter.


6.Application Period

September 1st to April 1st (Next year).


7.Supporting Documents

(Please upload the E-copies into SWUFE International Students Service System


(1) Passport photo taken within 6 months;

(2) Bachelor’s degree or pre-graduate certificate;

(3) Completed transcript of Bachelor education;

(4) Copy of the applicant’s valid personal passport first page;

(5) Copy of the applicant’s valid Chinese visa (If the applicant is currently in China).

*Additional Note:

A. All documents should be presented in English or Chinese. If not, a notarized translation version in English or Chinese is mandatory. Documents in other language are not valid.  

B. If it’s necessary, SWUFE will require applicants to submit extra documents.

C. If it’s necessary, SWUFE will require the original version of documents above for confirmation.


8.Applictaion Fee

(1) Application fee is 600 RMB. You may pay by bank cards with UnionPay logo, or pay online. Please follow the instruction at SWUFE International Students Service System for online payment. SWUFE does not accept traveler’s check or other payment methods.

(2) The Application without application fee will not be processed.

(3) Application fee is not refunded under any circumstance.


9.Completion Requirements

(1) Disciplinary requirements

A. Applicants must abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese Government and local government, as well as regulations of SWUFE.

B. Have a good performance in class and right study attitude.

C. The minimum attendance rate of classes: 95%.

(2) Academic requirements

A. With any fail in examination, only study certificate and transcripts will be provided.

B. Students whose final examination scores of each course are 60 or above and have passed the program final assessment will get completion certificate and transcripts. Students who meet the full admission conditions of degree programs can be admitted into the master’s program corresponding to the Module 2 they chose preferentially.

(3) Additional Note:

Students who are admitted by Master’s program in International Business(EN)will receive another admission letter of Master program. The enrollment status of Master’s program will be started since September in the current year.


10.Other Supplements

(1) The content above is subject to change based on updated change of China laws and regulations that are relevant to international students.

(2) The content above is subject to final explanation of College of International Education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. It’s also subject to change and may be updated at any time.


11. Contact Information

Admission Office

College of International Education

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

No.55 Guanghuacun Street

Chengdu Sichuan Province

P.R. China 610074

Tel: +86 (0) 28 87355437

Fax: +86 (0) 28 87355437




College of International Education

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

November 30, 2020

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