SWUFE has adhered to the fundamental educationalobjectives of establishing students' moral integrity and fostering talents who know China and havedeep feelings about China.


Chinese Training Program

Application fee(New student only)


 Offline teaching

Regular class


One to one

200RMB/class hour

Online teaching

Regular class


One to one

200RMB/class hour 

Degree Program

Application fee(New student only)


Bachelor (conducted in Chinese)

16000RMB/academic year

Bachelor (conducted in English)

20000RMB/academic year

Master (conducted in Chinese)

20000RMB/academic year

Master (conducted in English)

25000RMB/academic year

MBA(Master, conducted in Chinese)

25000RMB/academic year

Doctor (conducted in Chinese)

25000RMB/academic year

Doctor (conducted in English)

30000RMB/academic year

Tuition for the deferment period of study

80% of the regular tuition

Other fees

Text book

Actual price


400RMB/person/6 months




Boxue#2 (Summer and winter holidays are not included)


Boxue#2-for summer or winter holiday


Shensiyuan#A (Summer and winter holidays are not included)


Shensiyuan#A -for summer or winter holiday





30 kwh free each month, any extra usage charged at market price

The deposit will be refunded upon check-out.

Tuition payment rules:

1. All students, either self-funded or on a scholarship, must pay all necessary fees (or complete the Funding-Confirmation Procedure) at the Finance Office, within 5 working days from registration day (for fresh students) or CIE' s Orientation Day (for current students) at SWUFE.

2. Tuition is charged on a semester or an academic year basis.


Accommodation fee payment rules:

Accommodation fee is paid by semester. For winter or summer holiday, student should pay for it before the holiday. Accommodation and electricity fees paid are non-refundable.


Refund rules:

1. Any student who applies for withdrawing from SWUFE within 2 weeks of a semester beginning (the semester' s first day of class) will get a full refund of tuition, while a withdrawal fee of RMB 600 will be charged. Students who apply for withdrawal after two weeks (except for health reasons) will not be refunded. If the student applies for refund due to health reasons, he/she must provide the diagnosis certificate and examination report issued by the regular hospital. The school will refund the fee for the period that the student does not participate in the study.

2. If a student changes the room from a higher-priced dormitory to a lower-priced one, the accommodation fee difference and electricity fee are non-refundable.

3. Students should carefully check the textbooks are correct and in good condition when purchasing them. All textbooks are non-returnable and cannot be exchanged once sold.

4. Students who violate the related laws, regulations or rules leads to visa cancelation or expulsion from SWUFE, he/she will not be refunded any paid fees. 

5. Students who violate rules or regulations leads to remove from the dormitory, he/she will not be refunded the room fee and the electricity fee.



1. The College will not issue any form of documents (including student ID card, visa application, certificate of study, transcript, graduation certificate, etc.) without paying all the fees (including tuition fee, application fee, accommodation fee, accommodation deposit, electricity fee, insurance fee and other fees).

2. For all types of students involved in the award of scholarships, if the scholarship is paid on a monthly basis (e.g., living expenses of Chinese Government scholarship students, etc.), the payment time is generally around the 10th of each month. Students must complete the signature and other confirmation procedures within the monthly notice before receiving the fee. Failure to complete the procedures will result in the delay of payment. If the payment is unsuccessful due to the failure of the bank's financial system or other special reasons, the payment may be postponed.

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