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2021 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Application Information

for International Students of Chinese Language Training Program (Onsite Teaching)

(The Chinese text of this article shall be deemed as the original. In the event of any dispute or misunderstanding as to the interpretation of the language or terms of this article, the Chinese language version shall prevail.)

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (hereinafter SWUFE) offers Chinese Language Training Program (Onsite Teaching) to international students and reviews applicants’ comprehensive qualities and abilities via “Application-Evaluation System”. The information is listed as below.

1. Eligibility  

(1) Age limit: Applicants for Chinese Language must be in the age of 18 to 39 by Registration Day.

(2) Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, be in good health, abide by the laws and regulations of Chinese Government and local government, as well as regulations of SWUFE, and have no record of violation of laws or regulations.

(3) Applicants who are in China currently must hold a valid Chinese visa type which can be converted into an X visa or student resident permit in China. Please consult the Chengdu Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and confirm the latest visa-related policies. The validity period of the visa should cover the first week after the start of the Spring/Fall semester. SWUFE will not provide any assistance with visa before the required Registration Day.

2. Period

(1) 2021 Spring Semester

A. Normal Application Period: December 1st, 2020 - January 15th, 2021

B. Late Application Period: January 16th, 2021 - February 15th, 2021

C. Class Period: February 2021- July 2021

(2) 2021 Fall Semester

A. Normal Application Period: June 1st, 2021 - July 15th, 2021

B. Late Application Period: July 16th, 2021- September 15th, 2021

C. Class Period: September 2021 – January 2022

3. Program Introduction

SWUFE adopts the teaching mode of combination of regular courses and selective courses, with 16 weeks per semester and 20 class hours per week, as well as regular Q&A session weekly. Regular courses are mainly divided into three categories: elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, and each category is specified separately, including 8 rubrics. Regular courses focus on the cultivation of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, in order to comprehensively improve their Chinese levels. The new students will be divided into different classes depending on their placement tests, and each student will have one chance to apply for a change of class level within the first teaching week.

Please check the following table for class classification:




Level of HSK




























For more information of Chinese courses and textbooks: https://international.swufe.edu.cn/English/Admission/Chinese_Program.htm

4. Application Procedures  

Before the deadline, applicants shall submit online application form, upload scans of supporting documents and pay application fee in the online application system. Applicants shall ensure authenticity and accuracy of his/her personal information during online application.

Application website: http://admission.swufe.edu.cn

Applicants may watch the video for detailed application procedures through the website below:


(Please use Firefox/IE Browser to open the link)

5. Supporting Documents

(1) One ID photo taken within 6 months

(2) First page of your passport

The passport shall be in the category of Personal Ordinary Passport. The passport must be valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond the expected date of entry to China.

(3) Valid visa page

Applicants who are in China currently should also provide the copy of the page of his/her current visa or resident permit.

(4) Highest academic certificate

(5) Transcript of your highest education

(6) Transfer letter

Applicants with learning experience in China shall provide a Transfer Letter or Leaving Certificate issued by the previous school. Contact information of Student Affair Office shall be indicated in these certificates.

(7) Physical examination formFilled out in English or Chinese

Applicants shall provide physical examination form with a valid result within 6 months. Please download this form from Attachment 1.

(8) Letter of guarantee in China: Please download this form from Attachment 2.

(9) Bank statement

If necessary, Admission Office will require applicants to submit extra documents.

6. Fees

(1) Cost

Tuition Fees

Application Fee (Nonrefundable)

RMB 600

Chinese Training Program

RMB 7,000/semester

Textbooks (Variable based on language levels)

RMB 200-500/semester


Compulsory Insurance

RMB 400/semester

Note: The above prices are calculated in RMB

(2) Payment Methods


Bank Transfer

Union Pay CardPOS

WeChat Pay

Application Fee

Tuition Fee

Insurance Fee


(3) Bank Account

SWUFE Bank Account Information (Only for Transferring Tuition) is attached (attachment 3).

A. Please state the information below in your transfer statement and email the statement to international@swufe.edu.cn

Full Passport Name, Application Number.

B. All fee incurred during the bank transfer will be students’ responsibility. Please also make sure all the information of the recipient’s A/C is correct when you make the transfer.

(4) Application Fee

A. Application fee is 600 RMB. You may pay by bank cards with Union Pay logo, or pay online. Please follow the instruction at our International student online application system If you want to make the payment online.

B. One Application without application fee will not be processed.

C. Application fee is not refunded under any circumstance.

7. Basic Requirements

(1) During study period, students shall observe the laws and decrees of China as well as the rules and regulations of our university. The minimum requirement of attendance rate is 80%.

(2) Applicants for Chinese language program shall hold X1/X2 visa and engage in full-time study.

(3) Please make sure you have thoroughly read and fully understood the Regulations for International Students, SWUFE and International Students’ Guidebook provided at http://international.swufe.edu.cn/info/1004/1281.htm. SWUFE will take corresponding measures if a student violates related laws, regulations or rules. The student will take full responsibility for any related consequence.

8. Admission  

(1) After reviewing applicants’ application forms and supporting documents and completing the payment of application fee, College of International Education (hereinafter CIE) will inform applicants of the final results via email in 20 working days. Please check your email box regularly.

(2) Applicants may check admission results via the online application system http://admission.swufe.edu.cn .

(3) CIE is responsible for issuing Admission Letter, JW 202 Form and other documents.

9. Registration

Please refer to exact Registration Date that will be stated in Admission Letter. Please register on time. For those who do not register on time, SWUFE reserves the right to withdraw the admission offer any time.

10. Other

(1) The content above is subject to change based on updated change of China laws and regulations that are relevant to international students.

(2) The content above is subject to final explanation of College of International Education of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. It’s also subject to change and may be updated at any time.

(3) Please frequently check the website of CIE for updated information.

(4) Fraud Policy

A. If fraudulent documents and fraud practices are detected, CIE of SWUFE will take the below measures in accordance with the seriousness of the case:

(a) reject application immediately;

(b) abolish the admission offer immediately;

(c) abolish enrollment of student status immediately;

(d) declare the study certificate invalid, or order it to be confiscated.

B. If any crime is suspected, the case shall be transferred to the judicial authority.

11. Contact Information

College of International Education

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (Guanghua Campus)

No.55 Guanghuacun Street

Chengdu Sichuan Province

P.R. China 610074

Tel: +86 (0) 28 87355437

Fax: +86 (0) 28 87355437

Email: international@swufe.edu.cn

Web: http://international.swufe.edu.cn/English.htm

College of International Education

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

December 14th, 2020

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