Students of SWUFE visit the Sichuan Disaster Prevention and Reduction Museum

To strengthen the awareness of disaster prevention and reduction, and to enhance our students' emergency avoidance, self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, on the afternoon of October 26, 2021, the College of International Education and its affiliated International Friendship Club organized Chinese and international students to visit the Sichuan Disaster Prevention and Reduction Museum.

Guided by the staff in the museum, our students visited and learned about the seven major natural disasters and disasters caused by human activities, including earthquakes, geology, meteorology, floods, oceans, forests, and crop biology. The exhibition hall integrates visual, auditory, tactile and other multi-directional feelings, allowing students to understand disasters in shocking "viewing" and interesting "experience", learn the skills of self-rescue and mutual rescue, and enhance their awareness of safety and prevention.

At the end of the activity, the students expressed their feelings outside the museum hall: we must try to prevent disaster, actively and correctly carry out self-rescue if disasters happen. It's also important to call for other students' awareness of disaster prevention and reduction and send the knowledge to them, learn self-rescue and mutual rescue methods, and enhance emergency avoidance and rescue skills.

The College of International Education has always attached great importance to the safety education of international students. Every semester we organized various educational activities to enhance the students' safety awareness and ensure they study and live safely in China.

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