the 2021 "Chinese Bridge" Online Delegation Program of SWUFE was approved again

Recently, the 2021 "Chinese Bridge" Online Delegation Program of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics(SWUFE) was approved by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education of P.R.China, and the program was officially launched. Previously, the same series of SWUFE "Chinese Bridge" online program, themed with" Visit Chengdu Virtually, Show You around SWUFE through the History", which was approved in 2020, was successfully completed in March. More than 100 students from 14 countries gathered in the cloud to feel the charm of Chinese and Chinese traditional culture.

According to the latest requirements of the Center for Language Education and Cooperation, this program decides to enroll students in Europe. During the pandemic, the demand of people in European countries to learn Chinese continues to grow, and there is an urgent need for a high-quality Chinese online learning platform. SWUFE has always attached importance to international cooperation and exchange in education, international Chinese teaching and Chinese culture communication. Relying on its profound foundation of international cooperation, SWUFE actively realizes the integrated development of information technology and education, continuously expands online teaching resources, and firmly promotes the development and dissemination of international Chinese education in European countries. This "Chinese Bridge" online program fully combines "Chinese +" language learning, cultural experience with Chengdu characteristics and multi-dimensional interactive communication, with the teaching methods of live streaming teaching and video broadcasting, combined with online counseling, video appreciation and interactive Q & A, which presenting Chengdu's profound history and changes of the times through online courses, revealing long development of SWUFE over one century, and deepening language and cultural exchanges in mutual learning.

With the 2021 "Chinese Bridge" Online Delegation Program, SWUFE will take more open and innovative measures to deepen international cooperation in education between Chinese and European universities, further promote cultural exchanges between China and Europe, and improve"quality and efficiency" of international Chinese online education.

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