The opening ceremony of SWUFE Grade 2021 international students was held in Liulin Campus.

On September 10, in the joyful atmosphere of the 37th Teacher’s Day of China, the opening ceremony of SWUFE Grade 2021 international students was held in Liulin Campus. All the faculty and staff of the College of International Education, representatives of Grade 2021 international students, and representatives of current international students attended the on-site ceremony. Dozens of international students from various countries participated in the online opening ceremony.

Liang Ting, Dean of the CIE, expressed a warm welcome to the new international students. In her speech, Liang Ting gave the new students a vivid “first lesson” by introducing the history and future development of SWUFE, reviewing the great fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic, and encouraging new students to study hard and become international talents with both academic ability and moral integrity.

Later, a representative of current students, MOHAMMAD ESHAQ AHMADI, shared his learning and life experience at SWUFE, and sent best wishes to the new students. MOHAMMED ALHAFI from the School of Public Administrations spoke as a freshman representative, saying that pursuing study in SWUFE is a major choice in his life. He took the opportunity of the Teacher's Day to express his heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers, and promised to cherish the study and fulfill his ideal of life.

At the opening ceremony, the staff from CIE different offices introduced to the international students various information related to study, life, pandemic prevention, visas, and discipline. International students expressed that they have benefited a lot and are ready to look forward to a fruitful new semester.

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