The School of International Education of UESTC visited our college

On the afternoon of May 7th, a delegation from School of International Education of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) led by Deputy Dean Li Ye came to the College of International Education (CIE) of SWUFE to hold a research meeting. Wang Xin, Deputy Dean of CIE, and related colleagues attended this meeting.

Wang Xin extended a warm welcome to Li Ye and UESTC delegation’s visit. He introduced the general situation of CIE and the recent work in the field of international students recruitment, education and daily management. Wang Xin proposed that the two universities could make attempt on cross-university course selection and joint education programs, initiating a new mode of international student education in Sichuan province.


Li Ye expressed gratitude to the warm welcome of CIE, SWUFE. He also introduced the general situation of international student in UESTC. Li Ye said, the two universities should enhance communication and mutual learning to collectively promote quality and effectiveness improvement of international student education. The two parties conducted a in-depth discussion on the difficulties and resolutions in the background of long-term epidemic prevention and control.

During the research meeting, the colleagues of two universities conducted comprehensive group discussion on the topics of international student recruitment and information-based management, the quality of education and educational reform, Chinese courses and short-term groups, etc.

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