The Foreign Affairs Office of Qingyang District visited our college for a research meeting

On April 29, a Delegation from the Foreign Affairs Office of Qingyang District led by Section Chief Cao Lulu, came to the College of International Education (CIE) of SWUFE to have a research meeting. CIE related colleagues participated in this meeting.

During the meeting, Cao Lulu fully affirmed that CIE has continuously deepened the transformation of the international student management & service in recent years, and organized international students to participate in various local activities. She also introduced the Qingyang Government's achievements in building the integrated experience projects and cultural exchange platform, as well as its plans for the next stage. Cao Lulu said that the purpose of this research is to further understand the needs of SWUFE international students for cultural exchanges and social practice, and hope that through the establishment of a long-term cooperation mechanism, Qingyang District and SWUFE can jointly make greater contributions to creating an international atmosphere in Chengdu.

On behalf of the CIE, Dean Assistant Wang Binyu thanked the Foreign Affairs Office of Qingyang District for their guidance and support in the previous years. He spoke highly of the significance of the long-term cooperation between SWUFE and the Foreign Affairs Office of Qingyang District, and looked forward to more future cooperation in the aspects of international talent exchanges, innovation and entrepreneurship practices, and Chinese cultural promotion. He said that SWUFE will seek the internal motivation of international students, and encourage them to plan and organize activities by themselves instead of participation. Dean Assistant Xiao Hongchao said that SWUFE will actively support Chinese and international students to make full use of the university-government-community platform, integrate into the social and economic development, and better support the university's development and the internationalization process of Chengdu.

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