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Regulations for International Students, SWUFE

一、 Some abbreviations in this document:

1. CIE, SWUFE: refers to College of International Education, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

2. tudent(s): refers to international student(s) studying in China (SWUFE).

3. Admission Office, Student Affairs Office, and Financial & Internal Affairs Office: refer to those offices in CIE, SWUFE.

4. Visa: (unless particularly indicated) refers to visa and/or staying permit and/or residence permit.

二、 This document contains several regulations related to international students’ life and studies in SWUFE. A student should read this document carefully and be sure to enquire about any uncertain information. A student’s application to study in our university will be regarded that he/she has fully understood and accepted all of the regulations.

三、 All texts in this document are in Chinese and English. The English part is for reference only. If there’s any English information different from the Chinese version, please refer to the Chinese version.

四、 This document and all its regulations take effect on February 20th, 2014. SWUFE holds the final authority of explanation over said regulations, and reserves the rights to amend them without further notice.


Regulations on Payment for International Students, SWUFE


Fee List (application fee, tuition, textbooks, room fee, etc.)


One semester


One academic year


Application fee



Actual price


Bachelor’s (conducted in Chinese)

16,000/ each academic year

Bachelor’s (conducted in English)

20,000/ each academic year

Master’s (conducted in Chinese)

20,000/ each academic year

Master’s (conducted in English)

25,000/ each academic year

MBA (conducted in Chinese)

25,000/ each academic year

Doctorate (conducted in Chinese)

25,000/ each academic year

Doctorate ( conducted in English)

30,000/ each academic year

Application fee (new students only)


Textbooks (for other degree programs)

Actual price


Boxue #2, Guanghua Campus

4,000/ 1 semester

(1,000/ During winter or summer vacation)

Shensiyuan #A, Liulin Campus

2,500/ 1 semester

(500/ During winter or summer vacation)




30 kwh free each month, any extra usage charged at market price


Insurance (compulsory)

400/ semester *

(Refer to information below)

* Period of Insurance Coverage: February 25th to August 24th for Spring Semester, August 25th to February 24th (next year) for Fall Semester. Minimum charge is 400.

* All fees listed above are in RMB and are subject to change.


一、 All students, either self-funded or on a scholarship, must pay all necessary fees (or complete the Funding-Confirmation Procedure) at the Internal & Financial Affairs Office, within 5 working days from his/her registration day (for fresh students) or CIE’s Orientation Day (for current students) at SWUFE. Students who fail to pay all the fees within the prescribed period should take the responsibility of any possible consequences.

二、 Tuition is charged on a semester’s or a yearly basis.

三、 Room fee is charged on a semester’s basis. Room fee in summer and winter vacation is charged by actual period of stay. Room fee is non-refundable.
Besides the room fee and deposit, students should pay all other related fees such as the electricity bill on time.

四、 Any student who applies for withdrawing from SWUFE within 10 days after the completion of payment will get a full refund of tuition, while a withdrawal fee of RMB 600 will be charged. Tuition will not be refunded after 10 days of the completion of payment.

五、 If a student changes rooms from a higher-priced dormitory to a lower-priced dormitory, a partial refund of the room fee will not be given. On the contrary, he/she will need to pay the difference on a semester’s basis.

六、 Students are obliged to confirm that the textbooks he/she purchased are correct and in good condition. All textbooks are non-returnable and cannot be exchanged once sold.

七、 The insurance appointed by SWUFE is compulsory for any student regardless of previous purchase of other insurance or not.

八、 Students will not be issued any documents of any form (including Student ID, Visa Application Documents, Certificate, Transcript, etc) by SWUFE if he/she still has any unpaid fees due (including tuition, application fee, room fee, room deposit, electricity bill, insurance, etc.).

九、 If a student’s inappropriate behavior or violation of related laws, regulations or rules leads to visa cancelation or expulsion from SWUFE, he/she will not be refunded any paid fees. If it leads to expulsion from the dormitory, he/she will not be refunded the room fee, deposit or electricity fee.

十、 For students with all kinds of scholarships or money receiving (such as monthly allowance for Chinese Government Scholarship students), each kind of monthly money will be given around 15th of that month. Students have to first complete the confirming procedures such as signing within 22nd to 23rd (or the next working day if 22nd and 23rd are official holidays) of the previous month, otherwise the money receiving will be delayed. On special occasions such as financial system failure in banks, the money receiving may also be delayed.


Regulation on Dormitory and Accommodation for International Students, SWUFE


一、 Process of Accommodation

1. Checking-in

1) Before checking in, students should pay all necessary fees (or complete the Funding-Confirmation Procedure) at the Internal & Financial Affairs Office, bringing the Acceptance Letter and Confirmation Letter of Reservation issued by CIE (applicable to new students only) together with his/her passport.

2) The earliest check-in day is the first Airport Pick-up Day officially announced by CIE each semester. Students who arrived earlier or at non office hours (office hour is from 9:00 to 17:00 on work days) need to arrange temporary accommodation by themselves.

3) Students should follow SWUFE’s room arrangement and stay in his/her assigned room.

4) Students should check all facilities and devices when checking-in, and sign the “Agreement on Living in the International Students’ Dormitory of SWUFE”. Any missing, damaged or non-functioning items should be reported upon check-in.

2. Changing Rooms

1) Students are not allowed to rent out his/her room or change rooms without completing the formal procedure. Students must take responsibility for any issues in the room that he/she is registered to (including equipment damage, receiving complaints, accidents, etc).

2) Students should apply at the Student Affairs Office for changing rooms if he/she has proper reasons to do so. Room changing can only be done after the application has been approved.

3) Students should finish changing rooms and return any previous room keys within 48 hours of his/her application for changing rooms has been approved.

3. Checking-out

1) For the fall semester, the latest check-out day is January 20th of the following year and for the spring semester the latest check-out day is July 20th.

2) January 21st to the day prior to the Airport Pick-up Day of the next semester, and July 21st to the day prior to the Airport Pick-up Day of the next semester is the accommodation period of winter and summer vacation.

3) Students should check-out at the Student Affairs Office, bringing his/her passport and the room deposit receipt.

4) Students should return his/her room key when checking out, otherwise his/her deposit will not be refunded.

5) The room condition (including cleanliness, equipment and devices) at check-out should be the same as at check-in. The room deposit will be deducted for any problems found at check-out. A RMB 200 fine will apply if the cleanliness condition is not the same as the checking-in day.

6) On January 21st (for the fall semester) or July 21st (for the spring semester) or the last day of the Accommodation Period of Winter and Summer Vacation, all rooms will be cleaned. Any personal belongings left in vacant rooms will be regarded as abandoned and will be taken away. Students who haven’t completed the procedures for extended stay will be asked to leave on the above mentioned day, and any personal belongings left in his/her room will be regarded as abandoned and will be taken away.

4. Accommodation Period of Winter and Summer Vacation

1) Students should apply for staying during the Accommodation Period of Winter and Summer Vacation (and for the next semester) at the Student Affairs’ Office by December 20th (for the fall semester) or by June 20th (for the spring semester). SWUFE may approve or not approve the application depending on room availability and other related conditions.

2) For students not continuing to study in the next semester should check out by the last day of the Accommodation Period of Winter and Summer Vacation. All normal check-out regulations will apply.

3) Students continuing to study in the next semester should apply for extended stay in advance. Only if the application is approved and room fee for the next semester is fully paid, are the students eligible to stay.

二、 Other Regulations Related to Accommodation

1. Students should obey P.R.China Laws and regulations as well as SWUFE rules and regulations. Any activity that may affect others’ rights is prohibited in the residential areas (including rooms and other public areas).

2. Any activity which may harm one’s or others’ safety or property is prohibited.

3. Any inflammable or explosive materials or any activity which requires fire, such as a barbecue, should be kept away from the residential area. Students will have to take full responsibility and pay the losses caused by damages if he/she violates this regulation.

4. Students should pay attention to the use of electricity. Iron, electric cookers, induction cookers, electric apparatuses, electric blankets, electric cups, electric bars or microwave ovens are prohibited in the rooms. Electric cookers, electric ovens, electric roasters and electric pans are prohibited in the public kitchens. Students are not allowed to leave the public kitchen while cooking. All devices should be switched off after use or if there’s no one remaining in the room. Students will have to take all responsibility and pay the losses caused by damages if he/she violates this regulation.

5. Students are obliged to keep his/her room and the public areas clean and tidy. Pets are prohibited in the dormitories.

6. Students are obliged to keep quiet in the residential areas. Speaking loudly, making noise, playing high-volume music, or any other activity that may affect other students is prohibited.

7. Students are not allowed to replace the furniture in the room or damage any equipment or devices in the residential areas.

8. Students should report on time anything damaged or not functioning properly in the room.

9. Nothing is allowed to be put in the corridor or other public sections of residential area.

10. Smoking is prohibited in the public sections of the residential area.

11. Bicycles, electric bicycles or motorcycles are not allowed to be taken into the residential area.

12. Students who have left/returned to dormitory after 23:30 for three times or above will be considered not suitable to stay in the dormitory and will be expelled from the dormitory.

13. Students are not allowed to keep anyone overnight in his/her room. Visitors are required to leave by 22:00, otherwise they will be considered overstayed.

14. Students who violate any of the above regulations for the first time will be given a warning. On the second time, the student will be expelled from the dormitory. If there’s a severe violation, a student may be directly expelled from the dormitory.

15. Important information will be announced on the bulletin board in the residential area. Students are obliged to check it regularly.

16. Under the following circumstances, SWUFE may enter a student’s room without permission from the student:

1) Renovation or maintenance of the room or of in-room equipment and devices.

2) Occasional routine inspection.

3) Emergencies (including fire, earthquake, accident, etc).


Regulation on Visa Related Affairs for International Students, SWUFE


一. Visa and Residence Permit

1. Students should carry ordinary passports and visas. Diplomatic passports or visas will not be accepted.

2. New students should enter China with an X1 or X2 visa and register in person at the CIE, SWUFE within 72 hours of entering China. SWUFE will review students’ qualification and carry out possible inspections which are considered necessary at registration, and students who are considered not suitable for study by SWUFE will not be registered. Within 24 hours of staying in any new housing, students should register his/her living address at the local police station and complete all other visa-related procedures.

3. Students should check the validity of his/her visa regularly during his/her stay in China and report to the Student Affairs’ Office 30 days prior to visa expiration. If a student is not clear about his/her visa information, he/she should consult with CIE staff immediately. For overstay due to a student’s own negligence (including: unclear of/misunderstanding the validity of the visa, failure to report on time before the visa expires, failure to submit all related documents for visa application, failure to pay all necessary fees, etc), the student will take full responsibility which includes expulsion from SWUFE.

4. Whether a student has attended medical examination(s) previously or not, prior to any visa application or extension it is obligatory for the student to attend medical examination in an appointed qualified institution, if it is considered necessary by CIE.

5. Students must pay all necessary fees before visa application, otherwise CIE will not issue any related documents.

6. Students should register their new visa information at local police station and take the new registration document to the Student Affairs’ Office within 10 days after the Issue Date of the new visa.

7. Normally a student will get a multiple-entry Residence Permit when applying for a visa (or visa extension), and the validity will be till January 20 (for the fall semester) or July 20 (for the spring semester). The maximum validity of a new visa is 1 year.

8. Visa extension services at CIE will be closed during the summer/winter holidays. Students should make plans in advance and apply for visa extension before the semester ends.

9. Within 48 hours of any change in the information of a student’s passport, visa, address or contact information, he/she must take his/her passport to the Student Affairs’ Office and record the new information.

10. In unique cases such as a baby being born in China, passport being lost, etc, students should report to the Student Affairs’ Office within 24 hours to receive guidance.

11. Under certain circumstances (for example severe violation to laws or regulations, withdrawing from school, etc.), a student’s visa may be canceled and he/she will receive a short-term stay visa. If the proper procedures for visa cancellation is unsuccessful due to a student’s own fault, SWUFE will report to the Exit and Entry Bureau who will terminate the student’s visa directly. Termination of the visa will lead to overstay, restriction of re-entry, etc. The student will have to take full responsibility for any related consequences.


二. Attendance and In-class Requirements

1. Attendance requirement for students in degree programs will follow related regulations by SWUFE’s Student Affairs Department. Unless particularly indicated, rules in “Attendance and In-class Requirements” apply to students in non-degree programs as well.

2. The minimum requirement of attendance is 80% (for scholarship students of any type it will be 90%). Attendance will be summed up on a weekly basis. A student who fails to meet the requirement in a semester will be given a warning on the first occasion. On the second violation, the student will be expelled from SWUFE and his/her visa will be canceled.

3. Any request for a leave of absence should be made in advance at the Student Affairs’ Office, and the request may or may not be approved depending on various factors. Only after formal approval will a request for leave be considered valid. The student’s leave of absence must not exceed the length of time outlined in the formal approval. A new request by the student must be made if a student needs to further extend his/her leave of absence.

4. A request for a leave of 1-2 days can be made in person from the Chinese teacher in class. Any request for a leave of 3 days or more should be made in person at the Student Affairs’ Office with all related proof materials.

5. The following will be regarded as being absent for the day:

1) Failure to attend class without requesting for a leave in advance, or failure to attend class when the request for leave is not approved.

2) Failure to return to class after a period permitted to leave.

3) The total time of being absent from classroom during class time (including being late and departing early) exceeds 15 minutes.

6. If a student is absent from class for five consecutive class days and cannot be contacted by any means (phone call, text message, email, etc.), his/her visa will be terminated directly.

7. Students should comply with classroom discipline rules. Students that disrupt teaching, negatively affect others in class, have improper learning attitude or have other misconduct violating student morals will be given a warning, or even visa cancellation.


三. Other Important Rules

1. Students should carry his/her passport and current visa photocopies with him/her for occasional examination by police.

2. Students who plan to work part-time (including internship) should apply at the Student Affairs’ Office. Only after receiving the special notation on the visa, is a student allowed to commence part-time work. A maximum of 8 hours per week and a total length of no more than 6 months of every part-time visa notation is allowed for part-time work; however, working in any entertainment related place or doing the student’s own business is prohibited.
Students with the following situations are ineligible to apply for working part-time: students who haven’t completed a continuous study period of one-semester or above in SWUFE, or degree program students who extend their study period than ordinary period of study, or students whose attendance is below 90%, or degree program students who have failed course(s) in the previous semester, or students with other situation which is considered by CIE not suitable for part-time working.

3. In order to drive a vehicle (including a motorcycle), students must obtain a P.R.China Driving License and make sure that the vehicle is legally registered, insured, and plated, and also the vehicle and license information is formally submitted to CIE, SWUFE.

4. Any form of missionary work is prohibited. Any form of religious activity inside campus is prohibited.

5. Violations to the above clauses 2-4, or any other severe violations to laws or regulations, will lead to termination of study and visa.


Composed in 2013

Implemented in 2014

Firstly revised in 2016

Secondly revised in 2017

Thirdly revised in 2020

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