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Psychological Counseling Service

SWUFE has the Mental Health Education Center.

If you come across any troubles in your study or life or just simply need someone to talk to. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment now.

Our free psychological counseling services are always there for you.

How to Make an Appointment

1.Phone Booking:028-87092351

2.Website Booking:

For first-time login, username is your student number and your password is the last six digits of your date of birth; for male students, please omit the first few digits of your password if they are zeroes, e.g. 000627 then please only enter 627. You can change your password after logging in. If you have any problems during logging in, please contact 87092941 (Teacher Yang).

3.On-site Booking:Room 220, Student Activity Centre, Liulin campus

The Mental Health Education Centre is located on the second and third floors on the south side of the Student Activity Centre and can be accessed through the main door of the Student Activities Centre or the east side door.

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