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Cafeteria & Campus Card & Express Service


The student cafeterias on campus include First cafeteria, Forth cafeteria, Yi Su cafeteria, San Wei cafeteria, Wugu cafeteria, Zhuyou Yuan restaurant, Luyang restaurant and Liuyuan restaurant, which offer a wide range of cuisines. There are also many restaurants and fast food outlets around campus, which are a little more expensive than the on-campus ones.

Guanghua Campus: First cafeteria, Forth cafeteria, Zhuyou Yuan restaurant, Luyang restaurant

Liulin Campus: Yi Su cafeteria, San Wei cafeteria, Wugu cafeteria, Liuyuan restaurant

 Campus Card

The campus card can be used for dining in the cafeteria, entering the library& borrowing books, shopping in the campus supermarket,pay for electricity/water and so on.

1. Place

Liulin Campus: Office 2-3 on right hand side of 2nd floor of library (Qizhi Building)

Guanghua Campus:Office 907, Guanghua Building

Notice: Bachelor students can only do campus card in Liulin campus.

2. Office time:Monday to Friday, 9am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm

3. Required Documents:

l Original Passport

l Chinese Sim Card

l Uploaded ID photo in SWUFE 移动校园



1. The initial password of the campus card is the last six digits of the passport number. Please change the password to your own six-digit security password at the Campus Card self-service Machine.

1. Students can download “易校园”APP to charge your campus card online.


Express Service

Express points are set up on both campuses of SWUFE where students can mail and collect their own packages.

Express point in Guanghua campus: SWUFE Market

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